Meet May's Stylist of the Month

Marie Lescalleet


10 Fun Facts About Marie!

  1. My husband Tim and I met in college & have been together for 39 years with three beautiful adult children.
  2. I was adopted and have an adopted daughter from Russia.
  3. I grew up in VT & Joanne Putzier and I were childhood friends.
  4. I am the only one in my family who went to college.
  5. I have been known to be nicknamed “the fun factor:)”. Laughter is the best medicine.
  6. I love to decorate, entertain, and bring people together.
  7. I often dance in my family room any time of day (and usually the one to get others on the dance floor:).
  8. I love gardening, & always have fresh flowers around my house and lots of colors in my gardens.
  9. I’m super sentimental & it doesn’t take much to bring me to tears.
  10. When I meet young women who are engaged, or newly married, I tell them, “the secret to a happy marriage is lots of girls weekends”. And I’m speaking from experience :)

Top bucket list travel destination in the US?

I’d love to visit Savannah, Georgia.

Top bucket list travel destination outside of the US?

The Amalfi Coast and Santorini are top on my list.

Is Opulenza your first experience with DS? Have you tried other companies? If you have done others... how does Opulenza stand out?

I was with an athleisure brand (Peach) for four years prior to joining opulenza (in Nov of 2020). I have learned that DS can be a rollercoaster and it’s important to find the balance. Opulenza (and the Lovebugs) have taught me to believe in myself, not to sweat the small stuff and just keep going. What stands out for me is that everyone at Opulenza is truly committed with their hearts & souls to lifting up others!

Top 3 favorite Opulenza pieces?

Long Petite Paper Clip Necklace as a layering piece, solo or with a pendant.

Large Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle (I always have a large arm party going on).

Sterling Silver Feather Ring - love that I can wear one ring on any finger.

Large Hammered Sterling Silver Bangle


Long Petite Paper Clip Necklace


Sterling Silver Feather Ring


To what do you attribute your success with Opulenza? Do you feel it comes naturally to you or did it take awhile to master those skills?

My success comes from the professional development, the connections, the community and the beautiful product. I feel like it comes naturally to share the product. I continue to work on being a good “leader” and focusing on the ASK! It’s really important for me to be authentic with my business.

What's the most valuable thing/lesson you've learned from being in direct sales & part of the Opulenza family?

One of the most valuable lessons I’m learning, is to not take it personally!!! Rejection is kind of a trigger for me so I continue to work on this daily. And with our Opulenza family, there will always be many to listen, lift you up, motivate you, support you and find the good in you.

What's the easiest/favorite part of being an Opulenza Stylist? What’s the hardest part about being an Opulenza Stylist?

My favorite part of being an Opulenza Stylist is the culture and the community of strong, independent, talented women that have come into my life. I also love the opportunity to travel, have my own spending money, earn trips and try new experiences.

The hardest part of being an Opulenza Stylist is that I sometimes get taken advantage of because I’m a people pleaser. I try to treat others the way I would like to be treated, and not everyone feels that way. I’m learning to set better boundaries.

Describe your initial reaction to being introduced to the Opulenza product & opportunity?

Joanne Putzier reached out to me on FB with Opulenza. I won some free jewels through her jewel pool. She asked if I would be interested in hosting a party and I said, heck no. I want to wear and share this gorgeous jewelry with everyone. I felt it would be a perfect complement to my clothing line. But attending conference that first year and all the greatness that came out of it, was pivotal in my decision to focus on my jewelry business and Peach became secondary.

Is Opulenza part time or full time for you?

Technically, it is full time but I continue to be very involved with my community, on various committees and clubs. So I love that it’s flexible, and I can do it from anywhere. I even travel with my “party in a box”, just in case.

What is your best advice for a new Opulenza Stylist?

Just do it! Have fun with it and believe in yourself. You’ll get out of it what you put into it, so you decide how you want to run your business. There’s a whole lot of love in this company and everyone wants you to be happy & thrive.

How do you incorporate the Opulenza Designs mission of blessing others, sharing jewelry and empowering women in your business?

I love that Opulenza gives me the opportunity to meet other women & female entrepreneurs. I have been blessed with many new friends through this business. I’m so happy when I can empower others on my team. I love to shower women with gorgeous jewelry and being part of the reason they feel good about themselves. There’s nothing like the excitement surrounding women and jewelry! It’s pure joy!

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