Build your own dreams with Opulenza Designs!

We all have dreams. And we spend our lives building them.

Some dreams are about family. Some about travel. Some dreams are about finally being recognized for all you do.

At Opulenza Designs, you have access to an opportunity that can contribute to achieving dreams of financial security, travel, more control of your time, and the ability to work on your business when you want to do it.

We hope you choose to join us. It's why we built Opulenza Designs--for you and because we love jewelry.

Julie and Jody

Founders and Owners


925 sterling silver jewelry, handcrafted with semi-precious stones

3 different sign-up kits at AMAZING prices

Commission from all personal sales AND Cash Rewards for promotions

Free Corporate Training and Coaching

Annual National Conference & Leadership Retreats

Expense paid glam get-aways

It’s time to dream BIGGER.

With Representatives of Opulenza Designs all across the country, you are joining a Sisterhood based upon respect, growth, values, and solid business principles.

With the training and systems to support your business, when you are with Opulenza Designs, you are part of a helping, caring, and thriving community of women supporting women.

Join and you will be part of an amazing team that is having fun and changing their world with the highest quality Sterling Silver jewelry and a support team second to none.

$99 ($284 Value)

Let’s Get Started Kit

Imagine yourself here. At home, phone in hand, gorgeous jewelry on, and building your own jewelry boutique. This could be you, and you can start today for only $99.

Become a part of the Opulenza Designs community, and you will receive the training & tools, enjoy amazing specials, be gifted three pieces of jewelry, and more!

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$269 ($688 Value) 8 Pieces plus Supplies

Fun Party Kit

Start your own business today for only $269!

We are building a culture of fun, friendship, support and empowerment. Join now and start earning commissions through sharing this artisan-crafted jewelry with your friends.

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$469 ($1,148 Value) 12 Pieces plus Supplies

Jewelry Lover Kit

Everything you need and more, choose the $469 sign up kit and you will receive 12 top selling pieces and supplies to get you started!

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