Meet April's Rep of the Month

Tammy Sasser


“Believe You Can and you're half way there”

- Theodore Roosevelt

10 Fun Facts About Tammy

  1. In high school, I was a football statistician!
  2. I'm a big Kansas City Chiefs fan!
  3. I love the beach, warm sunshine, and palm trees—they all make me smile.
  4. My husband and I got engaged in a parking lot in Rocky Mount, NC—very romantic, LOL!
  5. I went to work right out of high school; never went to college, just wasn't my thing.
  6. I grew up helping my granddaddy on the farm every summer, starting at the age of 12 until I was 17. They were the best days of my life, even though at the time, I thought they were hard. But it turns out, you're grateful for those days when you're older and look back!
  7. I love dogs! They love unconditionally, and I believe that's why God created them—to show us how to do the same.
  8. I am an only child, and I love it! I may be a little spoiled.
  9. I do my gratitude journal and devotion every morning to start my day on a thankful and positive note.
  10. I enjoy and love hanging out and spending time with my fun girls! We love a good day trip (or trips) on the weekends!

Top bucket list travel destination in the US?

San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been to lots of places in Texas but not San Antonio!

Top bucket list travel destination outside of the US?

Turks & Caicos Islands. Anywhere really that's warm and tropical.

Is Opulenza your first experience with DS? Have you tried other companies? If you have done others... how does Opulenza stand out?

No, I have been in direct sales since May of 2006. I have been with three jewelry companies over the years, but Opulenza is the best of the best! The sisterhood is one of the best, and the leadership is truly like no other! And did I mention, we have great jewelry!

Top 3 favorite Opulenza pieces?

B1039 - Sterling Silver Beaded Ball Bangle
N1197 - Long Petite Paper Clip Necklace
P1001 - Sterling Silver Round Pendant

Sterling Silver Beaded Ball Bangle


Long Petite Paper Clip Necklace


Sterling Silver Round Pendant


To what do you attribute your success with Opulenza? Do you feel it comes naturally to you or did it take awhile to master those skills?

I go live every day, Monday through Thursday, and sometimes on Friday. I started the look of the day several years ago when Amy Mayer said, "You need to get in front of your people!" I try to be consistent and aim for my sales to be at least $3,000 or more every month.

What's the most valuable thing/lesson you've learned from being in direct sales & part of the Opulenza family?

Growth, in so many ways, personally, from a business perspective, etc. You learn so many things that you can carry with you throughout your entire life! And these are things I would have never learned or experienced without direct sales (DS), especially being a part of Opulenza.

What's the easiest/favorite part of being an Opulenza Rep? What’s the hardest part about being an Opulenza Rep?

The easiest and favorite part of being a Rep is having all the jewelry! It's what drew me to the business in the first place—
I wanted it all!

The hardest part for me is when others don't see what you see in this business. The fun, the personal growth, the sisterhood, the possibilities of what could be! That's tough.

Describe your initial reaction to being introduced to the Opulenza product & opportunity?

Oh, I remember it well! I was watching a live one night of a former Opulenza Rep, and she was showing the beaded ball bangle! I stopped what I was doing and said to myself, "I am going to order that bangle for myself for Christmas/Birthday (I am a December girl), and if it's as substantial and as pretty in person as it looks, I am selling this jewelry!" And as you know by now, the rest is history! I signed up on January 2nd, 2018!

Is Opulenza part time or full time for you?

Opulenza is part-time for me. I work a full time job and work Opulenza a little on a daily basis!

What is your best advice for a new Opulenza Rep?

Enter your business with a plan. When I started, I gave myself a 5-year plan, and I'm still a Rep today!

Set a goal and work towards it. Consistency is key to success, and always be open to educating yourself and learning from others who are also in the business.

How do you incorporate the Opulenza Designs mission of blessing others, sharing jewelry and empowering women in your business?

Fundraising and Donating to my community. I do the Soup Kitchen locally and the Veterans food bank a couple times a year. And I also donate jewelry for silent auctions to help raise money for non-profit organizations. In October I aways do the Breast Cancer awareness fundraiser and give back in donation form and jewelry to patients who are going through cancer at the time.

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